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Live Response, June 24, 2009: Maritime Security

The June 24, 2009 Live Response program looks at two unique port security training programs currently offered by the University of Findlay, a member of the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium, and Florida State University. The program at Findlay addresses first responder training for maritime locations in rural and inland waterways using what is called the Maritime Transportation System (MTS). The curriculum takes an all-hazards approach to protect, prevent or respond to port emergencies in a terrorist attack and/or natural disaster. The training at FSU was created through its Learning Systems Institute. The curriculum is called “PortStar.” This is a customizable web-based and/or classroom training directed to eight different audiences including first responders and port personnel. It was developed in a collaborative effort between port industries and federal regulators. Our expert panel will also look at the challenges currently faced in securing these ports along with future development.