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Course Catalog

Have a look at all of the courses that the RDPC offers. If you find a course you'd be interested in having delivered in your area, you may fill out our training request questionnaire to request a delivery.


AWR 148-W

Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents - Partnering Rural Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Local School Systems

This self-paced, Web-based course will educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators, teachers and staff to effectively respond to an emergency in a K-12 environment. The training will provide representatives of rural law enforcement departments and school ...


AWR 151

Understanding the Dangers of Agroterrorism

Designed to increase awareness among local and regional emergency response teams and industry stakeholders about the potential targets and impacts of agroterrorism. Raises awareness on the need to identify and defend against pathogens, chemical and biological contaminants, and other hazards. ...


AWR 152

Principles of Preparedness for Agroterrorism and Food System Disasters

Provides the skills and knowledge to recognize vulnerabilities to an agricultural or food system disaster. Topics include identifying targets, developing prevention, protection and mitigation strategies, building multidisciplinary response teams, and identifying the roles of the government agencies throughout an incident. ...


AWR 153

Principles of Detection and Diagnosis - Strategies and Technologies

Informs frontline response teams about the importance of early detection and diagnosis, proper sampling, and steps involved in an agroterrorismā€related outbreak investigation. Provides strategies to increase detection and diagnosis efficiency, as well as the epidemiological and criminal investigation process. This ...


AWR 154

Principles of National Incident Management System (NIMS), Team Building and Risk Communication

Designed to educate frontline response teams on the features of NIMS, ICS team building, and principles of risk communication when responding to an intentional or unintentional attack on a segment of the agriculture or food system. Course meets all NIMS/ICS ...