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Course Catalog

Have a look at all of the courses that the RDPC offers. If you find a course you'd be interested in having delivered in your area, you may fill out our training request questionnaire to request a delivery.


AWR 155

Principles of Frontline Response to Agroterrorism and Food System Disasters

Demonstrates how an effective frontline emergency response can reduce or mitigate the effects of an agricultural emergency, act of agroterrorism or other food systems disaster. Course includes an all-hazards plan to protect against a wide variety of potential problems and ...


AWR 156

Principles of Planning and Implementing Recovery

Provides the fundamental framework for recovering from an agroterrorism incident, including minimizing the economic impact to the community and identification of resources and assets available for building partnerships. Covers four critical factors for success in a recovery effort and applies ...


AWR 187-W

Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace

This 30-minute, Web-based "Terrorism 101" course prepares learners to successfully recognize, report, and react to potential terrorist incidents. In the first two lessons, learners develop a broad understanding of terrorism, including a definition of terrorism as well as examples of ...


AWR 208-W

Crisis Management in a Rural School: Webcast

Initially presented as a 2-hour live webcast, this course is designed to introduce principles and techniques for a coordinated response between first responders and the school systems. The training is intended for all first responders, school administrators and personnel, and ...


AWR 209

Working with the Media: A Short Course for Emergency Responders

Adapted from FEMA’s IG-290 curriculum, this 7-hour course provides rural first responders with skills needed to communicate with the public through the media. Examines roles of the media and the rural first responder/public information officer. Participants learn how to give ...