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MGT 403 8.00 hour instructor-led course

Response Planning for People with Access & Functional Needs in Rural America

This eight-hour course is designed to educate participants on the planning efforts needed ensure the safety of those with functional needs, particularly those housed in assisted-living facilities and nursing homes during a crisis event. Because of their restrictions and gaps in community support, rural people with functional needs are at greater risk of injury and death during a crisis event than those living in suburban and urban areas. These people require specialized care, transportation, shelter, and medical needs that must be considered before the crisis occurs. This tuition free course will expose participants to the benefits of developing comprehensive emergency response plans for those most vulnerable during a crisis — the elderly and children, anyone with limited English proficiency, people with disabilities, and anyone from a minority culture.

Course Prerequisites

Participant must be a U.S. citizen. IS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) IS-197.EM – Special Needs Planning Considerations for Emergency Management IS-200.b – ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents OR IS-200.HCa – Applying ICS to Healthcare Organizations

Upcoming Deliveries

There are no deliveries of MGT-403 currently scheduled. Submit a course request form to request a delivery in your community.