First Responder Training

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Performance Level Courses

Performance level courses are designed for first responders who perform tasks during the initial response to a catastrophic event, such as safeguarding the at-risk public, rescuing victims, decontaminating victims.

If you find a performance level course you'd be interested in having delivered in your area, you may fill out our training request questionnaire to request a delivery.


PER 294

Testing an Emergency Operations Plan in a Rural EOC

This eight-hour performance-level course has been designed with a proactive approach to testing rural communities’ Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) environment. In the process, the course provides relevant and valuable training to elected officials, EOC ...


PER 308

Rural Isolation and Quarantine for Public Health and Healthcare Professionals

Four hour, performance-level, instructor-led course designed to follow the prerequisite course, MGT 433 Isolation and Quarantine for Rural Communities. This course expands on concepts introduced in MGT 433, and consists of two customized training modules specifically tailored toward course participants ...


PER 333

Isolation and Quarantine Response Strategies in the Event of a Biological Disease Outbreak in Tribal Nations

The purpose of this performance level course is to provide tribal nations with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to effectively detect, respond to, and mitigate a disease outbreak, using a whole community approach. This course will include a practical ...

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