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Dr. Jenifer Chatfield

Dr. Jenifer Chatfield graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Immediately following graduation, she immersed herself in several aspects of veterinary medicine by working as the Associate Veterinarian at the San Antonio Zoo as well as a part-time associate at the Animal Emergency Room. Dr. Chatfield pursued both emergency medicine and zoo medicine throughout her career. She has owned 2 emergency clinics, in Florida and Texas, and has been the Senior Veterinarian in a zoological park. Additionally, Dr. Chatfield was the veterinarian supervising the biomedical research program at the University of Texas at Brownsville for 4 years. She has completed fieldwork in Madagascar and South America, and continues to explore new areas of medicine as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Currently, Dr. Chatfield is an instructor for FEMA/DHS agroterroism courses, National Disaster Medicine System Team Member and is the staff veterinarian for 4J Conservation Center.