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Bill Brobst

Bill Brobst

Captain Bill Brobst is an instructor with The University of Findlay, an academic partner of the RDPC.

Captain Brobst serves as an adjunct instructor with The All Hazards Training Center. He serves with the Columbus, Ohio, Division of Fire, currently in charge of their Hazardous Material Response Team, and has more than 22 years experience in firefighting.

Captain Brobst has been very involved with the development and implementation of responses to terrorism, incident command, rescue, and emergency response programs at all levels. He is an adjunct instructor at the National Fire Academy and served as a deputy director of Fairfield County’s Emergency Management Agency.

Because of a unique combination of academic and work experiences, Captain Brobst offers an experienced view on the grass roots needs of the responder. His broad range of experience allows him to draw on a large network of “industry experts” and communicate that information to students so they are well prepared for response in those first valuable minutes.