First Responder Training

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Online Training

Online courses from the RDPC are a perfect fit for those struggling to work training into their busy schedule. All online training is self-paced and offered at no cost. Browse our catalog of online course below and enroll today.


AWR 148-W

Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents - Partnering Rural Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Local School Systems

This self-paced, Web-based course will educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators, teachers and staff to effectively respond to an emergency in a K-12 environment. The training will provide representatives of rural law enforcement departments and school ...


AWR 187-W

Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace

This 30-minute, Web-based "Terrorism 101" course prepares learners to successfully recognize, report, and react to potential terrorist incidents. In the first two lessons, learners develop a broad understanding of terrorism, including a definition of terrorism as well as examples of ...


AWR 208-W

Crisis Management in a Rural School: Webcast

Initially presented as a 2-hour live webcast, this course is designed to introduce principles and techniques for a coordinated response between first responders and the school systems. The training is intended for all first responders, school administrators and personnel, and ...


AWR 209-W

Dealing with the Media: A Short Course for Rural First Responders

Adapted from FEMA’s IG-290 curriculum, this 6-hour course provides rural first responders with skills needed to communicate with the public through the media. Examines roles of the media and the rural first responder/public information officer. Participants learn how to give ...


MGT 335-W

Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals

This 16-hour, web-based course is designed to provide planning and management-level skills to public and private sector event security planners who have a lead or supporting responsibility for event security planning. The audience for this course includes local and state ...


MGT 339-W

Resource Inventory Management for Rural Communities

This 8-hour management-level course is designed to educate participants on the need for resource inventory management practices, effective strategies, and tools in development of a community-wide resource inventory. Through this course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ...